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Sparked from a true passion for the art of brewing, Smittox Brewing is proud to serve locally produced, award-winning beers. Check out our site to learn more about our story and more.



Beats, Rhymes and Beers

Committed to the artistry of crafting beer like a producer does a dope beat, Smittox Brewing blends tradition, creativity and boldness to produce an unmatched selection of local brews. Our brews are a blend between our love of music, food, travel and cultural influences.  Keep reading to learn more!



Crafting a diverse and welcoming environment!

We are currently a brewery in planning in the Dallas area with the dreams of bringing you a new and diverse brewery! Our mission is not only to bring you great craft beer, but we also want to create a welcoming environment that is inviting to everyone. It's our time to have seat at the table in the craft beer industry. Join us on our mission to help fill this void!

If you would like to help us achieve our dream, you can make a pledge and share our story. We are offering some great  rewards directly through our shop.

Please check out our rewards below.

Physical products are projected to be available late Spring/early Summer of 2021



For investment opportunities, please email. Serious inquiries only please.

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