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Meet the Experts

Smittox Brewing would never be what it is today without our incredible team who shares a passion for crafting beer and a dedication to serving the highest quality to our customers. Read below to learn more.


Founder/Director of Brewing Operations

Smitty brings knowledge and expertise to Smittox Brewing. As our leader and Director of Brewing Operations, there is no question that our superb product quality relies heavily on Smitty.

Smittox began with a man and his passion for craft beer. As Smitty was getting more involved in drinking craft beer, a thought crossed his mind "can I brew something like this."

That thought turned into a hobby when the first batch was brewed on brisk fall night in 2013. That batch was far from perfect, as a matter of fact it was god awful. But the seed was planted and that gave him the opportunity to learn from that mistake and make better beer. Fast forward and Smittox Brewing now has a deeper knowledge on creating and brewing award winning beers.

Team: Team
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