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Every Bit Helps

Supporting us has never been easier, and any contribution will be appreciated. Below is our Private Press fundraising project that allows you to put your name on this project! Your donation is a direct contribution to the brewery.  ​Cutting out the middleman lets us connect directly with our supporters. You can also visit our shop to purchase merchandise by using the button below.

Hip-hop and craft beer are the perfect combination. Now you have the chance to be a part of Smittox's history with our Private Press fundraiser. Sponsor a record, and support the brewery. Your personalized record will proudly be displayed on our appreciation wall.
Vinyl Fund Raiser Mock Up-Finished.png

Multiple Ways to Support!

smittox label final red.png

The B-Side

sb center.jpg

The A-Side

smittox label final green.png

The LP

The Private Press Crew Neck.png

Private Press Crewneck

Private Press Glass.webp

The Private Press Glass


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